Discussion About Why You Need to Charge More For Your Information Products

Just like offline, before you make that very first sale there’s a part of you that no matter how much you believe it, no matter how much you see other people doing it, even if your best friend, your brother or your sisters making ten to fifteen grand a month online. You just don’t believe it’s possible for you and you make that for sale.

And so I think that very…now that’s perfectly okay to have a ten dollar product to a twenty dollar product, something you can sell ten copies of in the first month and you know, make a total of a hundred dollars and go “WOW” ten people bought from me this month.

But I want to look at the picture of something, if we take fifteen thousand dollars and we 레플리카쇼핑몰 divide that by ten dollars. How many sales do we need to hit fifteen thousand dollars with a ten dollar product?

What do we need? We need what? How many sales do we need?

We need fifteen hundred sales. That’s a lot of sales. I mean fifteen hundred sales, that’s a lot of sales. I mean really that’s a lot. You need like a hundred thousand visitors a month and there’s only like, I don’t know, two hundred websites on earth to get more than a hundred thousand website, you know good qualified visitors every single month. So, let’s say, well…I’m going to go with the twenty dollar product instead. Okay?

Well, what would you need to get twenty dollar product to fifteen thou-sand dollars?

Sean: You need seven hundred and fifty sales. Now that’s still a lot.

Let’s say I had a hundred dollar product instead of a ten dollar or a twenty dollar product. We divide that into fifteen thousand dollars, where do we get to?: One hundred fifty sales.

Sean: Now we’re talking about a hundred fifty sales. Okay? Now, the first thing for me to say is…Well, I will just ask you. Do you think it’s easier to generate a hundred and fifty sales at any price point than it is to generate one fifteen hundred sales?

Sean: Of course it is. Because you can target the demographic, I mean you can literally only pitch the product to people who are qualified to purchasing and you really really really get away from the tire tickers. So, instead of having fifteen hundred tire tickers every single month, now you can come up with a hundred and fifty people who are, you know, reasonably serious about learning whatever you’re teaching.

Now, I want you to throw one more number in here then we’ll stop this. Let’s imagine we have a five hundred dollar product. I mean, what would we have to sell?

Sean: You need thirty sales. Okay? So let me ask you this. Which is more desirable? Fifteen hundred sales with ten dollars or thirty sales with five hundred?

Sean: That’s a no brainer. You see, would…Let’s make a list right now. Let’s just make a list. I’ll let you guys help me make this list. What are the advantages to only doing thirty sales to get the same amount of business, total business, than doing fifteen hundred sales?
Help me out. Let’s make a list of five things.

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