A Yawn Free Utility Room

Is your utility room the most boring room in your house? We often put a lot of time into thinking about the look of our rooms, we consider the layout and colour schemes, but this seldom happens in the utility room  마곡노래방. Most utility rooms are boring and white, with white walls and white kitchen wall tiles, but why should it be like this? There’s no reason why your utility room can’t look as stylish and interesting as any other room in your home.

Firstly, forget boring white. Pale blue, or a sunny yellow will work well in a utility room, it will look great next to white appliances too. You could use kitchen wall tiles or bathroom wall tiles in the room so look at both. Don’t opt immediately for plain white, consider something a little different. Perhaps a chequerboard design, or a completely random mix of colours?

A worktop in the room is always useful for sorting out laundry etc, and as you won’t need as much of it as you would in a kitchen, why not splash out on something really stunning, perhaps one of those gorgeous sparkly granites? Also look out on eBay and your local paper for people selling offcuts. It may not be big enough for most peoples kitchens, but it could be perfect for your utility room and you could get a real bargain.

You can get some stunning porcelain floor tiles. Again utility rooms are not usually very big, so you may well be able to spend a little extra per tile as you won’t be needing too many of them. Slate effect or another sparkly granite looking tile would look amazing, and it will be very easy to keep clean.

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