How to Win Online Poker Tournaments the Foolproof Way

Remember the old saying a fool and his money are soon parted? That old adage from decades ago still holds true in today’s high speed, super information, and technologically advanced society as well  Poker88 . Especially when it comes to making money in online poker tournaments. Discover a foolproof way to win online poker tournaments in this article.

A generation ago, video games became all the rage for home entertainment; kids everywhere were glued to their game box sets playing their favorite games. Soon, many of these video game prodigies discovered something that helped them win effortlessly. That is, a video game is a series of computerized commands that are directly related to patterns!

The patterns were evident in every game, such as Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers and Galaga to name a few. By knowing these patterns, anyone could easily complete and win the games. Soon, the novelty wore off and game manufacturers had to create more complex and difficult games, yet, the patterns were soon discovered in those games as well.

Why patterns? Well, a video game (or computer program for that matter) is not able to THINK like a human does. The computer program is subject to the information input by the programmer and by the user. In order to make the game a challenge, programmers would execute seemingly random responses directly related to user interaction.

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