Are Parking Signs Needed?

Parking signs are needed to help keep a parking area safe. There are many signs seen when in a parking area from a parking lot to a parking garage. Each is important on their own including a variety of reasons.

First, parking signs are usually outside. Even if they are in a parking garage they have some exposure to the elements. Therefore, they need to be made of weather resistant material. Examples are plastic and metals, such as aluminum. These materials remain strong even when being hit with moisture from snow, dew, hail or rain. They remain vibrant even after being in direct sunlight for years. They also can remain outside without any, or little, maintenance for up to 10 years are longer for some. Another important thing about these parking signs is that are treated for extreme weather conditions such as cold or hot temperatures. They are made to not become brittle or to crack, which is very useful parking garage signs. Also important for any type of parking sign is that it is reflective. A parking sign needs to be seen when it is dark handicap permit . These signs are made of reflective material or coated with a reflective paint. This allows the sign to be seen when headlights shine on the sign. It will become as clear as if it were daylight. These signs are also coated to help protect it from any potential damage such as scratches that might harm the message.

Second, such signs can be found in a variety of locations. It could be near a business, public meeting area or on private property. There are parking laws that pertain to public parking areas as well as areas that may be private, such as for a company, but are used by others. There needs to be American Disability Act of 1990s (ADA) parking areas available, for instance. These are also known as handicap accessible parking areas often located close to a business or other location entrance. Other signs are needed for fire lane identification, which is an area reserved in case there is a fire and firefighters need easy access to the area.

Parking signs are often easy to read and spot. They are located in visible locations. When it comes to private property sometimes owners prefer no one parks there. They will put signs up such as “No parking, anytime,” “No parking permitted,” “No parking on the grass,” or “No parking in the driveway.” These signs are often located at homes or businesses that have potential of problem. An example is a residence that is near a tourist attraction. People might need a spot and at the residence, such as in front of it. Then the owner has no spot at their own home.

There might even be traffic restriction signs, such as speed limits. These are put up to help keep everyone in the area safe from motorists to pedestrians. Stop signs are also found to help keep things safe and organized. Other signs include warnings, permitted parking, violators will be fined, no parking and reserved parking. All of these signs and others mentioned usually display two colors including white, red, blue, yellow, green or black.

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