Tips for a Compelling Blog Posting That Sells

There’s many reasons people like blogs, number one being they’re written by fellow individuals, and not profit-minded corporations. Bombarded with advertisements and biased opinions from everywhere, people read blogs because they want to know what the real people think for a change. Simply tell your readers what you think, deliver your thoughts in a short, clear and concise format, and you’ll build a successful blog to the ground up in no time! This article explains how you can improve your writing to come up with convincing blog posts and articles that will keep your followers coming back for more of the same.

The first prerequisite to a compelling blog is finding the right subjects to discuss . This is tricky, as the subjects you pick should be interesting, engaging and fresh but without straying too far from the profile of the business you are promoting through your blog posting. Feel free to experiment with different topics and see how it goes, but the best place to start would be a subject that’s relevant to your business and interesting enough to cause a reaction.

There’s plenty of topics you can choose and almost every niche has a golden subject that never gets old, so leverage that as best as you can. If you can’t find something worthwhile, try to come up with a topic of your own. Being original always pays when it comes to blogging, so don’t be afraid to go down that line – your readers will appreciate the effort. And when you feel like you’ve run out of ideas, take your search offline rather than online. This increases your chances of coming up with something fresh and interesting.

Once you have outlined the things you’re going to cover in your blog post articles, the next step is steering the article in the right direction. The introductive section of your blog post or ‘the hook’ plays a huge role in retaining your readers and making a strong impression, so focus on getting that part as coherent and engaging as possible. You will want to keep things nice and short at this step, so a paragraph or two should suffice to formulate a synopsis for the blog post. Practice makes perfect, so work to improve your introductory paragraph writing style till you can consistently come up with a powerful enough structure to make all your readers bite and want to read the rest.

A direction worth trying would be to present your audience with something objective about your business whenever you talk about your commercial offer. Whether you’re selling products or services, back your every statement with measurable information (tests of some kind, market reviews, news, case studies), anything that could provide value. Try to make it look less like you’re advertising and more like you’re providing tips and advice from the inside. This shift in perspective should significantly improve the selling potential behind your blog posting and blog commenting.

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