Healthy Weight Loss – What is the Timeframe You Should Give For Your Success

Regular exercise and appropriate nutrition can bring about healthy weight loss. The exercise routine generally indicated is a combination of resistance training and cardio exercise. Many of us groan but it doesn’t matter if we like it or not, healthy choices for our bodies must have a certain amount of exercise. Luckily, once a person slims down, a lot of forms of exercise go from work to fun!

Dietary practices that promote rapid weight loss should not be pursued. Slow loss can help achieve long term goals by strengthening a much healthier lifestyle and new habits. Weight loss for a week should not exceed two pounds. The calorie restrictions and dietary habits practiced can be monitored by maintaining a food journal.

Factors like body type, gender and bone structure should be considered for establishing a weight loss target and timeframe. The ideal body weight for two individuals of the same height but different body types are not the same. Genetic predisposition to fat accumulation at certain regions of the body should be considered.

Healthy weight loss can be pursued Biofit by acting on the following pointers:

– A weight loss target of five to ten percent of current weight is often achievable with initial efforts.
– A safe weight goal would be to drop one to two pounds per week.
– A weight loss target of about ten pounds should be pursued over a course of ten to twenty weeks.
– A weight loss target of fifty pounds should extend over a period of twelve months.
– Reducing calories by about 500 to 1000 daily and follow up through exercise and maintaining nutritional plan every day. Healthy choices takes time to integrate .
– Short term goals can help stay motivated to move towards long term weight goals. Find something to treat yourself, In must not relate to food!
– Immediate focus should be towards the short term weight loss goals.
– Keeping a chart, weigh yourself about 2X a week and measure once a month. Muscle is heavier than fat, so you could be holding weight or even gain a pound or two but when measuring, be very happy at the number of inches lost. Get a friend to help with the tape measure if possible for accuracy. Chart your success and even your holding patterns.

A change in attitude, physical transformation and general wellbeing is reported with healthy weight loss. An ideal timeframe for loss varies with every individual as improvement can occur only in comparison to an individual’s previous body mass measure. Also it can be affected by previous attempts to lose weight if you gained them back. Make this the last health and wellness plan you will ever need.

A balanced nutritious diet which contains all food groups can be consumed as five to six small meals over the day. The appropriate timeframe for loss can vary with weight, gender and degree of physical activity exercised. All forms of physical activity boost metabolic rate and burn calories faster.

A false hope syndrome is seen to occur in overweight and obese individuals with unrealistic expectations over the time period required to lose their desired weight. Rapid weight loss expectations often induce non conformity to dietary restrictions. This can bring on not only weight gain but emotional depression.

A logical time frame of about twelve weeks is generally indicated by dieticians for healthy weight loss. The above time period is considered appropriate to accommodate physical and mental changes that work for a healthy choices lifestyle. Habitual weight practices can be effectively turned in to a way of life during this period. You will have learned to eat to live, not live to eat. Health and wellness is within your reach..

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