Different Modes of Obtaining Technical Aid With Your Gmail Account

Nowadays emails have become one of the finest as well as secured modes of communication. These connect us with those who are far away and also help to send data from one place to another with little hassle. Gmail is the most widely used free web-based email service and is being operated by Google. It was initially introduced on April 1st, 2004 as invitation-only service and that too in a beta version. Its first official launch for all users was on February 7th, 2007, and at that time it was still available in beta version only. On July 7th, 2009 the company released the first ever full version of Gmail that also came incorporated with complete Google Apps Suite.

Gmail offers many more features than any other email service that make it the most used email service in the world. Some of its special features are Google Maps, Google Earth, YouTube, Hangout and many more สมัคร gmail. Availability of such services also makes it the first choice of those users who loved to share their stuff online. Google also provides a highly secured email service with a good storage capacity. As per a 2012 survey, it celebrates well above 425 million active users worldwide.

The company also provides superb Gmail Support services to all of its users who face issues with their email accounts. Google offers the option of both paid account as well as free account to all of its users. Paid account holders get to have live support in the form of on-call assistance from the company. Free account holders get text-based support service from the company that can be accessed via its home page. If a user faces any issue with his email account, he just needs to go to the support page and type his issue over there that will bring about a list of most relevant resolutions in front of him. In case if it does not work for him, or he could not get the relevant resolution he can also send a mail to the company about his problem and the support team will answer him within 3-4 business days.

At times one may not be able to get the kind of support he was expecting from Gmail, which may lead him to start searching for other sources of Gmail Help services. There are several companies existent today that provide Gmail support over the phone. They have teams of technicians who are well-trained in dealing with email-related issues and have been doing so from years. You can get any time assistance from these companies as they provide service round the clock. You can get their information from the internet, where they have shared their contact details as well. If you are confused among all the services as there are several of them available over there, compare the packages offered by them and choose the right service for you according to your need.

You can also discuss about your problem with family or friends who may be using same service. Maybe they have faced similar issues in past and thus can guide you to resolve your problem. It is always recommended that at the initial stage of your problem always go for free Gmail Tech Support aid from the official team, and if it does not work for you then only move to alternate paid options.

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